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Executive Privacy Assessment

Safeguard your company’s most important assets

Phishing attacks, ransomware demands, and business email compromise are just a few of the ways corporate executives and other senior employees fall victim to adversaries. These sophisticated maneuvers target high-level employees because cyber attackers know that corporate executives hold the most valuable information about a company. They are also often the weakest link in an organization’s cybersecurity protocol. Senior management and executives often skip awareness training. Lower-level employees are afraid to hold them accountable for their lack of training or adherence to security protocols. All of these factors are serious risks to both executive privacy and the companies they lead.

Corporate executives may also be targets of online harassment, stalking, and extortion. This could cross over into real life. Many times, perpetrators find information about their targets through social media posts. This doesn’t just affect the corporate executives — attackers often include family members and friends. in some cases, the business that employs the executive falls in the cross hairs as well.

How it works

  • In a Corporate Executive Online Privacy and Exposure Assessment, Transparent Intelligence Services uses proprietary techniques and tools, as well as industry-standard methods, to scour the internet to uncover as much as possible about the corporate executive. This is done from the perspective of an adversary seeking to harm the executive, their family, and/or the organization.
  • The Corporate Executive Online Privacy and Exposure Assessment culminates in a report and optional presentation. Transparent Intelligence Services works directly with the corporate executive to build a more secure online presence. We want to not only remediate problems but also to educate to prevent future occurrences.

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