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External Risk Assessment

Assessing an organization’s risks from the lens of an attacker

You can’t control external risks, but you can prepare for them. Cybercriminals are persistent and clever. They are not only excellent coders, they are very good at manipulating human nature. And they won’t stop until they hit their target: your systems and users. Enter the External Risk Assessment.

Some examples of external risks include:

Phishing and spear phishing
Password cracking: password sniffing, brute force attacks
Drive-by download attacks
Session hijacking
Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS)
Typosquatting and brandjacking

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of every external risk.

How it works

  • In an External Risk Assessment, Transparent Intelligence Services examines your organization from the lens of a malicious adversary seeking to harm your organization, without making our presence known. We review public records, data breaches, and your technology stack, all without using any invasive tools.
  • We provide a report and an optional presentation. We also demonstrate how the information discovered could be weaponized, as well as the steps needed to remediate the issues and mitigate the risk.

Get started with an External Supply Chain Risk Assessment

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