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Merger & Acquisitions Risk Assessment

Protect your investment

Do you know all of the risks you take on when you merge with an existing organization? How about if you acquire a new company or product? Key due diligence activities should include a thorough Open Source Intelligence investigation of your target. This is a domain that is often overlooked when due diligence is performed. But Transparent Intelligence Services thinks an Open Source Intelligence Merger & Acquisitions Risk Assessment is crucial to anyone considering a merger or acquisition. This way, you will understand all of the risks you face before you close the deal.

The bottom line about mergers & acquisitions

When you onboard a vendor or buy another company, you implicitly inherit ALL of their risk. Do you know what technical debt they bring?

How it works

  • A Merger & Acquisition Risk Assessment by Transparent Intelligence Services starts with a comprehensive investigation using open source intelligence found on the internet, social media, and even the deep and dark webs. We work to uncover as much as possible–positive and negative–about your new acquisition or merger.
  • Transparent Intelligence Services will then provide a detailed written report and optional presentation to present the findings. Typical findings would include risks uncovered during the investigation and recommendations to mitigate and remediate the risks.

Get started with a Merger & Acquisition Risk Assessment

Let Transparent Intelligence Services help evaluate your risk of any proposed merger or acquisition.

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