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Supply Chain Risk Assessments

Can you really trust your “trusted” connections?

Even if you’re doing all you can to avoid a cybersecurity attack, your supply chain vendors may not be. Take the Target 2013 Black Friday data breach. In this instance, Target was operating to standard, but a vendor with an incoming trusted connection seemingly neglected its cybersecurity program. The result? Significant time, dollars, and effort spent resolving the issue for Target–and tremendous reputational harm during the busy holiday shopping season. Assessing the Supply Chain Risk externally may not have prevented this, but it could have softened the proverbial blow.

How it works

  • In an External Supply Chain Risk Assessment, Transparent Intelligence Services examines companies connecting to your systems. We also look at organizations that have access to your sensitive data. We assess the organizations and provide results beyond compliance documents, penetration test results, and vulnerability scan data.
  • We provide a report and an optional presentation. We also demonstrate how the information discovered could be weaponized, as well as the steps needed to remediate the issues and mitigate the risk.

Get started with an External Supply Chain Risk Assessment

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