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Missing Persons Investigations

A delicate engagement

Attempting to locate a missing person is a sensitive endeavor. Many missing persons are victims of crime or circumstance but desire to remain estranged from friends and loved ones. With that in mind, Transparent Intelligence Services will do everything within our power (and legal and ethical guidelines) to attempt to find the missing person and provide closure.

Experts in Open Source Intelligence on missing persons

The Transparent Intelligence Services team are recognized experts in finding Intelligence about missing persons. Company founder Joe Gray regularly competes in contests where law enforcement and other authorities crowdsource Intelligence for missing persons. Gray routinely places in the Top 5 winners; he and his team placed first at the DEFCON 28 and DEFCON 29 conference, against nearly 300 other 4-person international teams each time. He is also recognized as an authority in training others to locate Intelligence on missing persons, teaching and lecturing audiences worldwide.

Open Source Intelligence is recognized worldwide as a legitimate method to collect information that can help solve crimes and locate missing persons. Law enforcement personnel often do not have the skill or expertise to locate information online. Open Source Intelligence investigations for missing persons fill that gap. Read more about successful collaborations between Open Source Intelligence investigators and law enforcement here, here, and here.

How it works

The Transparent Intelligence Services team uses proprietary tools and techniques, as well as industry-standard methods databases, to uncover information about the missing person. Some of the sources use include social media, the greater internet, and the deep and dark webs.

This work concludes with a report. We can also communicate with the appropriate authorities to assist in the case.

Note: Personnel engaged by Transparent Intelligence Services are not licensed private investigators. Please consult with your attorney prior to engaging our services if you wish to use information gathered by Transparent Intelligence Services in legal proceedings.

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