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Open Source Intelligence Investigations

Investigations of all types

Anyone can be the victim of online stalking, harassment, doxxing, or bullying–even if that person is not online themselves. The best defense is a good offense, but when these problems happen, Transparent Intelligence Services can assess risk, address the problem at hand, and implement both digital and hardware solutions to neutralize the problem and mitigate further risk.

Other investigations have a more hopeful outcome. Are you looking for a long-lost loved one? Perhaps you want to track down genealogical records. Or maybe you’d like to get background information on an individual.

Transparent Intelligence Services can help with Open Source Intelligence investigations for personal or family matters, no matter the purpose.

Types of Open Source Intelligence Investigations

Some types of investigations that we do include:

  • Who is stalking, harassing, doxxing, or bullying me online
  • Researching and collecting general information
  • Genealogy records and historical information on people, property, and locations
  • Locating lost loves, friends, and family members
  • Personal privacy device and service research, assessment, and recommendations
  • Digital and security awareness training (via The OSINTion, a sibling company of Transparent Intelligence Services)

Note: Personnel engaged by Transparent Intelligence Services are not licensed private investigators. Please consult with your attorney prior to engaging our services if you wish to use information gathered by Transparent Intelligence Services in legal proceedings.

Get started with an Open Source Intelligence Investigation

Let Transparent Intelligence Services help you in your Open Source Intelligence investigation.

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