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Personal Privacy Assessment

What does the internet say about you?

With identity theft being a major problem, especially given the pandemic, people struggle to know what to share or where to start in minimizing their online profiles. There are many products designed to continually monitor your personal privacy, security, and identity status online. Automated checks like Norton™ 360, NortonLifeLock™, and IDSeal℠ all work via an algorithm–a computer program. There’s no human intervention until a problem is uncovered.

At Transparent Intelligence Services, we think the right way to monitor your privacy and limit exposure online is via human intelligence. In a Personal Privacy and Exposure Assessment, each engagement is performed by a real person. Of course, automated tools are used, but all intelligence gathered is validated and assessed by a human.

Further, we maintain meticulous records and record each change of a file once we collect it while employing the most secure techniques for data storage and destruction. We take privacy and security very seriously.

How it works

  • A Personal Privacy and Exposure Assessment begins with a Transparent Intelligence Services analyst performing a human-led investigation. We use verified Intelligence collecting methods to complete a comprehensive search, uncovering far more information than a typical automated, algorithm-driven search.
  • Once the Personal Privacy and Exposure Assessment is complete, we deliver a report. You will see what was found, how and where it was found, and recommendations to fix problems and mitigate further risk. We can also work with you to build a more secure digital online presence–or no online presence at all.

Please note that personnel engaged by Transparent Intelligence Services are not licensed private investigators.

Get started with a Personal Privacy and Exposure Assessment

Let Transparent Intelligence Services make your online presence more secure with a Personal Privacy and Exposure Assessment.

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