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Reconnaissance Augmentation

Reconnaissance Augmentation for Offensive Operations (Red Teaming)

One of the most time-consuming elements of any adversarial emulation (Offensive Operations) is the Passive Reconnaissance or OSINT phase. Most testers focus on the technology and exploitation aspects of the exercise, overlooking other Intelligence. Many testers aren’t aware of the benefits that Open Source Intelligence can bring to an offensive operation, either.

At Transparent Intelligence Services, OSINT and Intelligence are all we do. We have the cybersecurity and information security background and experience in both offensive operations as well as defensive operations (DFIR, monitoring, hardening, etc.), but choose to focus on operationalizing data collected within an intelligence context for our clients.

How it works

  • Transparent Intelligence Services will put ourselves in the shoes of an adversary. We will emulate the Passive Reconnaissance and collect OSINT on behalf of the client organization for the engagement. What we will seek is based on pre-determined requirements based on the client firm, the client that is being tested, location, regulatory compliance frameworks, and industry.
    • Requirements could include overall needs for all tests or specific types of analysis.
    • This could be specific to a technology (i.e. web application, internet-facing software, or following the TTPs of an adversary organization).
    • We primarily collect what YOU want, but also collect some things that we have observed to be valuable through our experience in the Information Security industry in both offensive and defensive operations.
  • At the conclusion of the test engagement, Transparent Intelligence Services will provide the client a report with all findings in their desired format. We will also report on any critical or high severity findings.

Get started with Penetration Test Reconnaissance-Augmentation

Let Transparent Intelligence Services assist in your Penetration Testing Reconnaissance. We can handle all Passive Reconnaissance and OSINT.

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